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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  January 21, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> you are watching "france 24." with the latest news and analysis from around the world. military lebanon has claimed responsibility for a bombing. at least four people have died and 35 wounded in a suicide bombing. mr. epos talks a mistake but not disasters -- syria's talks a mistake but not a disaster. ban ki-moon over the question of tehran's involvement.
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turkey's prime minister says 2014 will be a turning point in his country's relations with the eu as he arrives in brussels for talks. also coming up over the next hour, we will be getting the latest in sports, news, including the british football associations charging a player for a racially aggravated gesture which is considered to be anti-semitic while celebrating a goal. we will be having a look over the course of the next hour at all that is making the buzz on the internet. first, this afternoon, our top headline this hour, a part on has ripped through a shiite
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beirut,hood in southern killing at least four people. the latest attack targeting supporters of the militant hezbollah in lebanon. thousands flocked to the neighborhood after the explosion. according to lebanon's official media, it was a suicide arming -- homer in a vehicle behind the attack. for more on the story, we can speak to our correspondent who is in beirut. what do we know about today's attack? can see, the site of the bomb blast is just behind me. the scene has been cordoned off by the lebanese army. a lot of hezbollah security men are present and forensic experts investigating the scene of the blast. we now understand the car that was used appears to been a suicide bomber detonated in the middle of the road.
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that has left people here to believe this was aimed at targeting civilians and causing as many civilian deaths as possible. it seems not all of explosives -- a relatively small amount compared to other bomb blasts -- detonated. it appears at least four people have been killed and many more injured. we understand two of those people are women, two of the victims. we have been speaking to people here. differing views on what happened and how the local population is reacting to it. i spoke to one woman who said we're are in a permanent state of fear. or have been a string of these attacks and we just don't know where the next one is coming from. but we support hezbollah in this area. she said she personally supported hezbollah and if they bomb us for 100 years, we won't change our opinion. another man said, we've gotten used to this. you often hear that because the country has expressed a great deal of violence in the past. bombed in 2006e
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by israel. he said, we've gotten used to it. were strong, not going to be afraid. we know we are expecting these things to happen every week. all we don't know is the timing. >> thing to for joining us, live from beirut. thank you very much, indeed. the latest on that suicide bombing in the southern district of beirut. a mistake to month but not a disaster. the words of sir gay lover off as he gave a press conference this morning and commented on inviting iranthis from the world peace talks to begin tomorrow in switzerland on syria. let's have a listen to what the russian foreign minister to say about it this morning. >> of course it is a mistake. and i said so on many occasions. but it will not be a catastrophe. iran is being told to consent to preconditions imposed by the opposition with the support of the whole range of its supporters. graceful, as i
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said, if you take a settlement principles stated in the geneva one can indicate as the criteria and dozens of countries should not be invited either because they support regime change. was behind the dramatic u-turn on the part of the u.n.? ban ki-moon said he had been assured by tehran it would be supporting the meetings and tomorrow which is to set up a transitional government in settlementd aimed at agreed a geneva one. ban ki-moon said he was deeply disappointed by iran's public statements which were not in line of the commitment tehran had seemed to be making. less than 24 hours after extending it for the invitation to iran was withdrawn. without a keyn player after you in withdraws the invitation to iran to the geneva peace conference, concerns are being raised as to what can be achieved without the
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syrian government's main backer in the region. german foreign minister says geneva two is useless without iran. a statement supported by some quarters of the syrian opposition. >> if you are about the problem, you must be about the solution. involved in these discussions to be a part of the decisions and to respect the results. >> washington applauded un's decision. it means syrians main opposition group will now attend the talks. its biggest block, the syrian national council, has withdrawn. on the battlefield, there's little support for the conference. rebel factions continue to fight against government troops and between each other. of analysts and even
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policymakers are not absolutely certain the talks are going to really lead to a resolution a very bloody conflict, the two sides are pretty well entrenched. and really fighting for the respective existence. >> even the syrian opposition coalition says it is skeptical geneva 2 will benefit the country, but says it wants to show it is serious about finding a solution. the international community is keen to put in place a roadmap which would move syria toward a transitional government. meanwhile, syrian president bashar al-assad is insistent the talks must focus on combating the rebels he calls terrorists. diplomatic ringling head of the start of tomorrow's mediacontinues, several outlets are reporting claims the syrian regime tortured and killed dozens of detainees, thousands of photographs showing dead detainees were reportedly
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smuggled out of syria a former military police according to newspaper reports. "the guardian" suggests publications and reports of atrocities appear to be deliberately timed to coincide with the start of the so-called geneva two these talks. 2014 will be a turning point in turkey's relations with the eu for that is the view of turkey's embattled prime minister as he arrived in brussels late yesterday. he is hoping to put his country's eu talks back on the table. but district of brussels has been overshadowed by the scandal back home. the mass purge of the police and judiciary. >> he got a great welcome from supporters on his arrival in brussels. speaking to them from atop a bus. his popularity with eu officials will be more muted.
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brussels is concerned about the corruption scandal that has cast a shadow on his country. he says there's a plot against him. >> visit his us an opportunity to explain to our counterparts what is happening in turkey and the most accurate and impartial way. god willing, the game of this network of treachery will be ruined. protesters are calling for him to resign, accusing him of wanting to establish one man rule after heavy-handed crackdown on activists last june. he has been mired in a scandal. police andwn on the judiciary they say are linked to former ally. >> the first objective will be to convince his counterparts in europe what is happening in turkey is a plot engineered within the turkish police and judiciary, therefore, europe should stand by him.
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>> they will be asking about his move to beef up the power of the justice minister and assist the justice system should remain independent. if turkey is to keep it eu candidacy on track. minister's prime benjamin netanyahu has threatened to teach the a mass movement a lesson very soon after a certain militant attacks on the jewish state. he was quoted by spokesman a short while ago that said if hamass and other terrorist organizations forgot the lessons of the past, they will learn it again. he said the hard way and very soon. those comments made in the context of ongoing american efforts to find a peaceful two- state solution in the region as john kerry pursues his negotiations with both sides. the latest comments from benjamin netanyahu. elected look at photos early as
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tomorrow on a new constitution, a photo would be considered a major step in completing the country's democratic tradition. the documents has been two years in the making and drafted by an elected constitutional assembly. it will pass if they get the two thirds majority in the parliament. if it fails there, it will then go before national referendum. it seems beset by constant wrangling, tunisia's conflict assembly a moment away from finalizing a new constitution. the target date for passing it was the 14th of january, the third anniversary of the revolution. the deadline came and went as parties tussled further over my for example, who is eligible to be head of state. the moderate islamist party says the process has been a success. progressive text for decentralized government where all rights and freedoms are guaranteed. of the seats.%
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is pushing lob it had to backtrack. all 146 articles in the final two thirds jordy vote which is expected on wednesday. -- majority vote, which is expected on wednesday. some say the articles are not right for tunisia. >> there are a number of articles that try to take us backwards from such as article 38 of the constitution on education policy, which has been approved. it could be a setback for the country. that article concerns the promotion of arabic culture in schools. opponents say it threatens the teaching of universal values. if there's no conclusive vote, the constitution will have to go to a national referendum. thai government has declared a state of emergency in bangkok and surrounding areas to cope with protests against the
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government of yingluck shinawatra, protest that have stirred up violent attacks, increasingly so over the course of the last few days. the emergency decree will take and will greatly expand the security forces to issue orders and search and arrest and detain people. they're demanding the resignation of yingluck .hinawatra her government is holding out for the anticipated elections she is called for february 2. a hong kong woman has been arrested on suspicion of using her indonesian maid in a case that sparked widespread outrage in hong kong. it is also putting a spotlight on the risks faced by the honorable margaret workers ash vulnerable migrant workers there. about half of the workers are indonesian. they say they're routinely exploited.
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quick she left her home in indonesia a healthy young woman, promised a good job in hong kong as a maid. eight months later, she returned home emaciated and battered. her former employer, a woman, has been arrested on suspicion of abuse. the indonesian migrant workers union has brought thousands of protesters onto the streets of hong kong in a show of support for her and has welcomed the arrest. but they say the problem of domestic worker abuse is endemic and exacerbated by hong kong labor law. migrant domestic workers are legally required to live in their players home. many are never allowed to leave the house. the police to arrest [indiscernible]
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>> last november, human rights ngo amnesty international published a report on migrants working and living conditions in hong kong and documents a litany of abuses. long working hours, no days off, low pay, and lack of food and sleep are the norm will stop severe violence and psychological and sexual abuse are all too common. traffic the hong kong were debt by worker fees and the workers are trapped. the amnesty report blames the government for duplicity and so they do nothing to regulate implement agencies and failing to protect workers. now look at the latest international headlines. hit by ans been explosion. at least four people have died in the suicide bombing in a shiite-dominated neighborhood. 35 people were also wounded in
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the blast that happened today just yards from where another suicide bombing killed 5 earlier this month. russia says the disinvite in iran from the syrian talks due to start tomorrow was a mistake come up and not a disaster. this after the dramatic u-turn by the secretary-general ban ki- moon on the question of tehran's involvement in so-called geneva two peace talks. turkey's prime minister says the 2014 will be a turning point in his country's relations with he arrives in as brussels for talks. latestr look at the very in sports headlines. football association has charged anelka for racially aggravated gesture. it was on december 28 in a game against west ham. now the infamous gesture but famous by the controversial .rench comedian
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he faces a minimum of five game fan under the antidiscrimination sanctions. the controversial gesture was determined to be anti-semitic. time for a look now at all the other sports headlines today. >> austrian open after a 28inant display against seat. she has blossomed since matchpoint in the second round. italian opponent was unable to apply any pressure. racing to a five-love lead and never looking back. finished in just over an hour. first time for a final in five years. reaching a major semi final for the first time after absorbing victory. the high-strength teenager in
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the women's game outmuscled in the opening set from the former french open champion. she defended serena williams but raced ahead in the second. forging ahead into the the decider with no nerves this time, placing a 5-7, 7-5 to become the first date of to reach the last four in australia. the trial involving french internationals open in paris this monday without either man present. they are accused of assisting an underaged prostitute who's now 21, in 2008 and 2009. in france, it is illegal to pay for sex with anyone under the age of 18. she has since dropped the charges, but he found guilty, the players could still face up to three years in prison and fines up to 45,000 euros. as beenntly crowned decorated in the state of portugal. he was honored by the president of the ceremony in lisbon's
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alice. 66 goals in prince henry honoring him. this is a very proud moment to receive this metal from the hands of his excellency , the president of the republic. it gives me even more motivation now to keep on working harder in a try to keep on improving and represent portugal at the highest level possible. for me, it is such a special moment as well as for all the portuguese. i could not be happier. i hope i will be able to keep this up until the end of my career, winning a major trophy and enjoying great success. level butpersonal also collectively, and in the name of portugal. i'm very happy.
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[applause] >> he celebrated his victory this weekend, scoring a screamer. the presidential election will take place in june. the helmdate exceeds of football governing body. the 55-year-old, former fifa deputy general secretary, was asked if he will continue his bid. >> i can only repeat what i said this morning. for the moment i am the only candidate which has declared, and it will not answer hypothetical questions. , butis full of evolutions i cannot answer what will happen ifause everyone is asking me he is standing, but no one is asking me whether -- i don't answer those questions. >> he suggested he will
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introduce orange cards which would allow referees. fifa secretary-general has ordered inspections. on monday, they were at a stadium where crane collapsed killing two construction workers and caused significant delays. is confident the stadium will be ready inside. >> all is on track. a lot of work has been done. a lot of work is still to be done where the accident took place, but we are very confident it is on track. it is an important place for the opening game and the pressures .he same for all games in a way, i was a the pressure is a bit higher here because it is the first game. it has to be a success. i'm not talking about brazil beating croatia, i'm talking
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about being a success in terms of organization. >> that was a look at the latest sports headlines. now look at all that is making a buzz on the internet. time for web news. >> ukraine's opposition leader and former boxer speaks to protesters through a loudspeaker, trying to reason with them and stop clashes between them and the police. he appealed for calm. he was sprayed with a fire extinguisher. this was sunday estimates traders gathered in kiev for pro-europe rally. protest against new laws in stamping out antigovernment demonstrations. clashes erupted when protesters stormed the police court on and try to push their way to ukrainian parliament. police retaliated with tear gas. and stun grenades.
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social networkers have posted documents online attesting to the standoff. for example, we see to write police officers being beaten by a crowd of protesters armed with sticks. supporters of ukraine's pro- europe movement which began around two months ago have condemned the violence. facebook isunds on urging demonstrators to protest peacefully. that as wondering hooligans allegedly sponsored by the government to try to discredit the movement. in this youtube video, 26-year- suffers from schizoaffective disorder, explain talk complete stranger saved his life. on january 14, 2008, he was about to commit suicide by jumping off waterloo bridge.
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a passerby, who knows only as mike, automotive it. six years on, johnny benjamin wants to find the anonymous good samaritan and thank him for what he did. history has won the hearts of countless social networkers who have been reposting ensuring his appeal. -- his story has won the hearts of callous social and workers who have been reposting his ensuing appeal. commenting on the kindhearted this of the mr. passerby. this user praises him for taking time out to help someone who is clearly distressed. the viral campaign has supportive a u.k. charity which owns everyone affected by severe mental illness and seeking to change society's perception of mental health problems. johnny benjamin is making an active contribution to this campaign by posting videos online on a regular basis, talking about his illness and sharing how he has progressively gotten better.
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1975 there were some 1,400,000 refugees across the world. in 2012, the figure is close to 18 million. this interactive map focuses on the numbers of people fleeing conflicts in their home country or political or religious persecution over the past 40 years. it is called refugee project. it shows the number of refugees around the world and why they have been forced to flee. with over 600-2000 followers, zach king is something of a vine sensation. his popularity on twitter showing services largely down to the magic trixie posts online. talent as a musician and sometimes gives away some of his secrets. much to the delight of adults and children alike.
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